The NBA’s rigged, say who?

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship. Even I wasn’t betting on them to win it. But now, you have people coming out of the woodwork, Ayesha Curry I’m talking to you, saying the NBA is rigged. Have a seat.

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The stats alone show that Golden State was thoroughly outplayed on the road and at home as far as the last two games of the series were concerned. The only questionable part of those two games was maybe 3 out of the 6 fouls that Curry got in Game 6. Those were questionable. But my point still remains, even if Curry hadn’t been ejected, the Cavs were still up by a good margin and probably would have won anyway. I mean they were up by 9 at the end of the third after giving the Warriors a 31 to 11 bloody nose in the first quarter of play (the lowest quarter point total the Warriors had all season long). Not to mention the fact that Curry basically shat the bed in Game 7, producing an EMBARASSING stat line of 17 points (on 6 for 19 shooting which is absolute dog shit), 5 rebounds and 2 assists (this guy’s supposed to be a point guard right?).

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Did I also mention the fact that Lebron was discounted as the best player in the league for Curry? Are you shitting me? You’re going to put the guy who had one less ring, 2 less NBA Finals MVP awards, 2 less regular season MVP awards and… oh yea 9 less All Star appearances. Not to mention the fact that Lebron had 552 points, 27 blocks, 49 steals, 160 assists and 200 rebounds, basically leading every single statistical category for all players for the first time in NBA Playoff history. Yet people still say Curry is better. I just don’t get it. Maybe people’s heads are screwed on backwards because the debate is over, numbers never lie and championships don’t either. Just stop hating and appreciate the greatness we are witnessing.

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Gordon Sinowitz

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