Brooklyn rapper Ioan Delice’s (pronounced Yo-On) latest single “Stop Playing on My Phone” from his debut album Thelonious Whale was featured on Ebro‘s Beats 1 Discovered on Apple Music segment. Make sure to tune in here [http://apple.co/ebro] to catch the single’s air time.

WHAT: “Stop Playing on My Phone” will be featured on Ebro Beats 1‘s Discovered on Apple Music segment.

WHEN: Wednesday January 31 @ 3:55 PM EST

WHERE: Catch it live by visiting Beats 1 : [apple.co/ebro]


Born January 13, 1994, Ioan Delice is a Brooklyn native artist of French/Haitian descent inspired by an eclectic range of artists – from Hip Hop legend Big L, to France’s most popular and enduring singer Charles Aznavour. As an ambassador to his generation, Ioan also pays homage to the cartoons that formed his childhood and taps the creative influence of reputable composer Jim Lang and Japanese Hip Hop producer Nujabes.
Ioan’s artistry also draws it’s inspiration from having grown up in Kings County, widely recognized as the rap capital of the world, at a time when it’s gritty reputation held true. The musician’s explorations of romantic, spiritual, interpersonal, and societal themes, mixed with his playful and unorthodox style of rapping as well as production, breaks hip-hop boundaries with new artistic expression. Through his soulful meandering and multi-cultural influence, Ioan fearlessly delves into the creative process of his talent and is continuously expanding his audience by delivering songs that escape the fleet of trends.

Ioan Delice’s debut album is the rapper’s musical celebration of individualism and an artist’s existential crisis. The project which features the artist’s original production pays homage to one of nature’s most fascinating enigmas, the 52-hertz whale. Often referred to as the “world’s loneliest whale,” it’s call vibrates at the very unusual frequency of 52Hz. This pitch is much higher than its counterparts, and despite sharing the same migration patterns as other whale species, its distinct song goes unanswered and the whale lives in complete solitude. Through this metaphor, the rapper reveals a deep well of musicianship and taps into hip-hop’s ability to explore philosophical themes. As a self-proclaimed Thelonious WhaleIoan describes humanity’s own conflict with uniqueness and emotional fortitude as well as the challenges of being a modern day artist in a saturated industry.   
1. Can I Live2. Planet Thelonious

3. Death of Me

4. I Remember

5. Joy

6. Stop Playin’ on My Phone

7. Check

8. See You Later

9. Runnin’ Laps

10. Roxanne

11. No Flaws

12. Save Money

13. That Girl

14. Find You

15. Hang Up

16. Space

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